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Laser Dentistry

The path to good oral health starts with prevention. Prevention starts with regular office visits, and brushing and flossing properly. Patients should also be sure to avoid foods that are high in sugar and acid. Even when patients do everything right, some medical issues can cause pain and discomfort in the gums, teeth and jaw. Laser dentistry is a great option for treating a wide variety of dental problems and has been used safely since 1990. Laser dentistry can be used to treat gum disease as well as other oral health issues that plague patients who may avoid the dentist because of fear or an aversion to the sights, smells and sounds associated with dental work.

While prevention is the best way to ensure oral health, laser dentistry has a variety of applications. It can be used as part of pain reduction therapy in patients suffering from cold sores or canker sores. We can also use this technology to remove overgrown, infected or otherwise damaged gum tissue resulting from gum disease or treatment with certain medications. Routine biopsies can also be performed using lasers. Lasers are also often used to prevent infection following root canals and other dental procedures. Tooth whitening procedures can be completed more quickly with this technology as well.

Laser dentistry has many advantages. For example, many oral health therapies, like gum disease management, can be implemented with greater success. This alleviates anxiety for many patients. Lasers can also allow for better precision while Dr. Hadian and his team are working. This technology allows us to make much smaller and more exact incisions than using instruments by hand. Additionally, healing times after laser dental surgery are often greatly reduced, which allows patients to get their lives back on track more quickly.

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