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The Awesome Advantages of a Dental Implant You Might Not Know About

According to statistics compiled by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than 30 million American adults are missing at least one tooth. Missing one or two teeth may not sound like much, but it can have long-lasting negative effects on an individual.

Fortunately for those who have a tooth or two missing, there are many cosmetic dentistry options available. One of the more popular restoration options offered by today’s dentists is dental implants. This option involves implanting a titanium rod into the jaw bone to serve as an anchor for a prosthetic tooth.

One of the reasons why many people prefer a dental implant over more traditional methods, such as dentures or bridges, is because dental implants function and feel just like a natural tooth. Another reason why they are so popular is because of the procedure’s high success rate, which currently sits at 98 percent.

Naturally, there are many other advantages to getting a dental implant that are not quite as obvious. Some advantages you may not know about include:

advantages dental implant
They are a Long-term Saver

Other restorative options require more maintenance and procedures in the future. Dental implants are sturdy and require minimal maintenance outside of regular brushing, flossing, and the bi-annual tip to the dentist. This can equate to thousands of dollars saved on additional dental work.

They Maintain Your Jawbone Density

Have you ever noticed that those who are missing teeth seem to have a “sunken look”? This is because the jawbone naturally deteriorates when a tooth is missing. Due to the titanium implant, the body is tricked into thinking that there is still a tooth present in that spot. As such, the jawbone does not shrink.

They Protect Surrounding Healthy Teeth

A missing tooth can affect the health of surrounding teeth. Chewing with a missing tooth places an extra amount of stress on surrounding teeth, accelerating wear and tear damage. Additionally, a missing tooth can force other teeth to shift around in an attempt to fill in the empty space. With an implant present, both scenarios are avoided.

If you are interested in getting dental implants, do not hesitate to see a trusted cosmetic dentist in Lehigh Valley, such as Dr. Hadian or Dr. Burke of Brookside Dental Care. Your dentist can easily check if you are a viable candidate for dental implants.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants,

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