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Children’s Dentistry in Lehigh Valley, PA

A Brookside Dental Care child dentistry patient brushing his teeth

Parents always want what is best for their children, especially when it comes to their health. Despite the fact that kids are exercised, well-fed and socialized, there often still exists a problem: Oral and dental health. It’s a common believe that as long as children brush their teeth on a regular basis, they won’t need to go to the dentist for check-ups. However, while this belief is convenient for parents, it isn’t the case. Taking children to see the dentist is necessary for the prevention of cavities, among other positive benefits.

One of the most vital life skills that a child may gain from regular dental visits is the development of healthy habits. In fact, many adults do not take care of their own teeth, a habit that is often rooted in childhood. If kids believe that ignoring oral health is acceptable, the behavior will likely continue into adulthood. Additionally, the more frequently a child visits the dentist when they are young, the more comfortable they are likely to feel about these visits in the future. Positive exposure to the dentist in youth is a great way to prevent fear of the dentist as an adult.

Another benefit of regular check-ups is the child will learn proper brushing, flossing and care techniques. Many oral and dental issues only develop noticeable symptoms, such as pain or discomfort, after the problem has persisted. Making sure your child has regular check-ups allows Dr. Hadian and his team to document any potential problems. We can spot warning signs of cavities or other issues long before they develop. Parents can also use dental visits as a way to teach a child about responsibility – not only when it comes to proper oral care, but also when it comes to making healthy food choices.

Ensuring healthy hygiene in children can help kids develop habits that will continue for a lifetime. To learn more about good oral health for kids, call Brookside Dental Care today, (610) 624-6070.

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