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Dental Services in Lehigh Valley

If you need a professional cosmetic dentist in the Lehigh Valley region, come to Brookside Dental Care. You can trust our friendly and accommodating staff to provide comprehensive cosmetic dental care services. We genuinely care for your teeth, so let us improve your smile to the best of our abilities. Whether it is a dental implant or teeth whitening, we have the services to keep our patients grinning.

Brookside Dental Care offers the following services:

Dental Fillings and Sealants

Clean and healthy smiles begin with protected and well-maintained teeth. We can apply dental sealants to protect parts of teeth from dental caries, as well as fillings to cover and fill in teeth that have been damaged by cavities.

Dental Veneers and Dental Bonding

Porcelain dental veneers can greatly improve the look and feel of teeth once fitted, and look quite natural as well. The similar dental bonding procedure can also improve one’s smile noticeably while repairing cracked and chipped teeth.

Dental Implants

Lehigh Valley patients can choose our dental implant procedure if they need to replace their missing teeth. Compared to other dental appliances used to fill in missing teeth, dental implants are some of the most secure, durable, and natural-looking appliances patients can use.

Tooth Extractions

Whether you are suffering from a severe periodontal disease or a certain tooth is blocking the growth of another, you might need to extract a tooth. Allow us to safely carry out the procedure and ensure that your gums and other teeth are in good condition.

Invisalign “Clear” Braces

Do you need to fix your misaligned teeth but want to avoid using traditional braces? Try our Invisalign braces, which allow you to progressively adjust your teeth without having to sport bulky and unsightly metal braces around your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Yellow and stained teeth is not just unpleasant; it can also be unhealthy in appearance. Show off your spotless and white teeth with the help of our expert teeth whitening procedure.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing a tooth that leaves an unattractive gap in your smile? With our dental bridges, you can easily replace that lost tooth and restore a seamless, natural smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are another restorative dental option that allow you to fix a broken tooth, restore a badly-stained portion, and correct an uneven smile— all at the same time. Our dental office only takes about three weeks to prepare a full crown restoration.

Dentures – Partial and Full

Replace lost teeth with our options for dentures. You can choose partial dentures to replace select missing teeth or full dentures as a substitute for all your teeth.

Sedation Dentistry

Are you anxious around dentists, or is your fear of undergoing procedures holding you back from making dental visits? Choose our sedation dentistry service, and find yourself relaxed while we quickly and professionally complete the treatments you need.

NTI Appliance

Do you suffer from teeth clenching or grinding during your sleep? Excessive jaw clenching can lead to migraines, headaches, and earaches. We can stop your teeth from grinding with an NTI appliance.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea might seem like a mildly frustrating and negligible disorder, but it can lead to more serious complications such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and liver issues. Come to our office today, and we can give you a dental appliance that can reduce the effects of the disorder.

Brookside Dental Care provides cosmetic dental services within the Greater Lehigh Valley area, particularly Wescosville, Allentown, Orefield, Fogelsville, Emmaus, Macungie, Fullerton, and Coopersburg. For more information, or for your inquiries, you may visit our contact us page and submit the provided web form.

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