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Dental Bonding in Lehigh Valley, PA

Even the smallest flaw can put a damper on your smile. If you are embarrassed by misshapen teeth or chips and stains, Brookside Dental Care offers a quick, easy and a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Dental bonding can address all of these issues in one single appointment at our Lehigh Valley dental practice.

The dental bonding treatment, which involves applying a composite resin material, is versatile in use. It can be used to mask small chips or cracks, lengthen a short tooth, fill in small spaces between teeth, cover up stains or discoloration and conceal a crooked or misshaped tooth. Dental bonding can be performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other cosmetic dental procedures. Upon evaluating your teeth and discussing your dental needs and goals, our team can determine which procedure(s) can best achieve a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

Procedure Details

Dental bonding can usually be accomplished in one dental visit that typically takes an hour or less. The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia. However, we do offer sedation dentistry options for patients who are nervous or anxious about their procedure. The sedation options we offer include nitrous oxide, oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation. We are committed to ensuring your visit with us is a comfortable and stress-free one. If you are feeling nervous or anxious about your dental bonding procedure, please speak to us to discuss your sedation options.

Prior to your treatment, we will use a special guide to help us select the resin color that best matches the color of your teeth. We will then prepare the teeth to receive the bonding material by applying a gentle cleaning solution to the tooth enamel, which helps the composite resin, a putty-like material, adhere more strongly to the teeth. Next, we will apply the resin and sculpt and smooth it until the desired shape and size are achieved. The resin is hardened and bonded to the teeth with a curing light or laser. Once the resin is hardened, we will polish and buff it to match the translucent and smooth appearance of your natural teeth.

The strength of the composite resin material used in dental bonding means that you can expect results that are both long-lasting and natural-looking. However, good oral health and proper care are still essential to maintaining your beautiful smile. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, you should avoid eating hard or sticky foods or chewing substances that could damage or crack the bonding material (i.e., ice or bottle caps). Teeth clenching and grinding should also be avoided. Regular dental checkups are essential in maintaining your new smile.

Financing Your Dental Bonding Treatment

Dental bonding is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and is typically not covered by insurance plans. However, we at Brookside Dental Care — along with thousands of happy patients — agree that dental bonding is the investment. In comparison to more complex procedures, dental bonding is cost-effective. The cost of dental bonding depends on a few factors including the number of teeth that require treatment, their initial condition and the desired results. Brookside Dental Care offers several financing options to help you pay for your cosmetic treatment. Speak to a member of our team to learn about your options.

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