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Dental Bridges – Lehigh Valley

If you have dental problems that include tooth loss or a gap between teeth, you may be an excellent candidate for a dental bridge. This procedure is a great way to restore the appearance of your smile and improve your oral health at the same time. A bridge can function in place of a tooth or teeth that have been lost due to an accident, gum disease, or other reasons.

A dental bridge is literally just that – a dental appliance that bridges the gap that results when a tooth or teeth are lost or extracted. There are different types of dental bridges. Traditional bridges are made using a crown to cap teeth or implants on either side of the teeth that will hold the fabricated teeth in place. These are most often made from porcelain and metal or ceramic material. A bonded bridge is made with ceramic or resin and is supported by a metal frame that attaches to the sides of the teeth. By securing the bridge in place, the gap in the teeth is concealed, giving the appearance of the teeth being brought together for a more attractive and natural look.

A bridge is typically made from porcelain, and is supported by natural teeth or dental implants. The benefits of a dental bridge are obvious. A bridge can restore your appearance, particularly your smile, preventing an aged, sunken appearance in the face. You can also regain the ability to chew and speak properly. The procedure also helps your mouth function normally in other ways, such as ensuring that your bite will distribute in an even manner and in preventing your remaining teeth from moving out of proper position. Of course, it is absolutely essential to maintain good oral health so that you can enjoy these benefits.

You should talk to Dr. Hadian about the type of bridge that is best for you. He will advise you on how to best maintain your oral health so that your bridge can continue to function as it is supposed to. For more information about dental bridges and whether you are a good candidate for a bridge, call Brookside Dental Care today, (610) 624-6070.


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