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Dentures – Partial and Full

Having a complete set of nice looking teeth is enough to make anyone show off their smile. In some circumstances, however, people might lose their teeth because of dental problems like tooth decay, accidents, or other issues that make the normal function of the teeth impossible. The appearance of gaps in the teeth can be embarrassing for people. The good news is that people can change the appearance and function of their teeth.

Dentures have existed in the dentistry world for years. A denture is a prosthetic device made to enhance the appearance of one’s smile and help him or her restore a stable bite. Dentures can be an adequate option for improved oral health for someone losing their teeth. Several types have been introduced over the years, including full and partial sets of dentures as well as permanent and temporary dentures. However, we must note that dentures are not a substitute for teeth – they are an acceptable option for having no teeth at all.

A full denture is recommended for someone who has lost a full set of upper, lower or both sets of teeth. This type of denture can be difficult to install in the mouth because it has nothing to really grip on for a stable bite. However, new technologies are available, and Dr. Hadian and his highly trained team can help you stabilize your bite by incorporating traditional or mini dental implants with a full denture.

A partial denture fills a gap created when a person loses a single tooth or a few teeth, which could pose potential oral health problems. A partial denture is easier for the patient to utilize since it offers a more stable bite and can anchor onto existing teeth, which allows them to function better. Both types might need some realignment eventually because jaw bone structure and gum tissue can change over time.

If you are a candidate, dentures can be the perfect fit for good dental health and for restoring your smile. Whether it’s a full or partial set, the most important thing is that confidence and oral health are restored, and that will make anyone smile! To learn more about full and partial dentures and whether you are a good candidate for dentures, call Brookside Dental Care today, (610) 624-6070.

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