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Lehigh Valley Cosmetic Dentist Talks about Alternative Dental Implants

Sometimes, losing a tooth, either by accident or by way of neglect, becomes unavoidable. However, it does not mean that you’ll have to just sit around and not do anything about it. Modern dental technologies have seen to it that patients need not to suffer the indignities of false teeth when they can get dental implants instead.

Though invariably more expensive and invasive than the traditional dentures, dental implants not only gives the patient a more permanent dental solution but it also boosts the patient’s self-esteem and confidence under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford dental implant procedures in Lehigh Valley. It entails a clinical assessment first, followed by several follow-up visits. This is not only time consuming but also costly.

alternative dental implants
Alternative methods to dental implants

Some cosmetic dentist in Lehigh Valley offer other alternative procedures that patients can avail themselves of instead of the regular dental implants. Some alternative techniques are also used as temporary implants while the patient waits for the real one to fuse with the natural jaw bone. Here are some of them.


These small diameter implants are placed to secure a loose denture. This is especially useful for patients who are interested in getting the implants done but are deemed not qualified to undergo it (e.g. has medical condition that can worsen if the patient undergoes the dental surgery).


This four-implant technique is mainly done on patients who wanted to replace a whole arch of teeth with dental implants. As the process is tenuous at best, this technique allows temporary implants to be placed while the real implants integrate slowly to the natural jaw bone. The whole process usually takes up to six months of regular visits to your cosmetic dentist.

Same Day Implant

This is another temporary implant used to fill in the gap while the real implant takes time to fuse with your natural bone. The difference with this technique and the all-on-four is that this technique is less invasive in nature. The temporary implant is placed at the same day as the real implant and takes three to six months to be complete. However, this technique is also not for everyone as it depends on the condition of natural bone and its capability to support the new, albeit, temporary tooth.

If you are interested in any of these, call your local dental implant expert to know more about possible alternative methods and how to take advantage of these services.


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