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A Look at the Dental Implant Procedure: Restoring What You Have Lost

You brush your teeth after every meal. You floss your chompers religiously each night. You’ve never missed a dental appointment in your life. But with one freak accident, you’re forced to say goodbye to one of your pearly whites.

Indeed, not all tooth loss is caused by poor hygiene; sometimes, unfortunate circumstances knock out perfectly healthy teeth. Whether the cause of tooth loss is a tackle during football practice or another unfortunate accident, you can’t help but lose the confidence you once had.

No Small Matter

Unfortunately, even one lost tooth can cause significant health problems. The gap left behind causes other teeth to shift, leading to crooked teeth that may be harder to clean with a toothbrush and floss, making them susceptible to damage. A lost tooth also causes the jawbone in that area to degrade, making a person more prone to jaw injuries.

dental implant procedure

Hope for the Frustrated

Indeed, the loss of a tooth you took great pains to care for is certainly devastating, but there is hope. You can see a trusted cosmetic dentist in Lehigh Valley to inquire about a procedure called dental implants.

In a nutshell, this procedure involves implanting titanium posts into the jawbone, which are then allowed to naturally assimilate into the bone. Afterwards, a dental crown or tooth replica is attached to the post, creating a stable and natural-looking replacement tooth. By getting implants, you can recover your old smile and avoid the serious complications of a lost tooth.

A Growing Trend

Because of the convenience and excellent results that dental implants offer, their popularity grows. According to estimates from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, about a million citizens have dental implants. The number is expected to grow by about 500,000 each year. In fact, the surging prevalence of dental implants may just be indicative of the procedure’s high success rates.

Considering Implants?

Of course, it is important to point out that not all dental practices offer dental implants. If you’re interested in getting one, be sure to inquire at Lehigh Valley dental implant offices such as Brookside Dental Care. Dentists who offer implants can discuss the procedure with you further so you know exactly what to expect.

A lost tooth will never grow back, but it doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life with an imperfect smile. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, options like dental implants can restore not just your missing teeth, but also the confidence that was lost with it.


Global Dental Implants Market to Grow 5.37% by 2020 – Growth of Medical Tourism – Key Vendors are Danaher, Henry Schein & Straumann – Research and Markets

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