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Oral Health & Hygiene

Daily care of the mouth and teeth combined with regular examinations with the dentist can go a long way in providing good oral health and in the prevention of periodontal disease and other dental problems. The path to good oral health starts with prevention. Prevention starts with regular office visits, and brushing and flossing properly. Patients should also be sure to avoid foods that are high in sugar and acid. Even when patients do everything right, some medical issues can cause pain and discomfort in the gums, teeth and jaw.

Good oral health begins at home with daily cleaning of the teeth and gums. It is important to use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste that contains fluoride on the teeth at least twice a day, followed by flossing in between the teeth for healthy teeth and gums. Proper daily dental care is necessary for the prevention of cavities in and between the teeth, as well as for the prevention of periodontal disease of the gums.

We at Brookside Dental Care recommend that children and adults make regular appointments with Dr. Hadian anywhere from two to four times per year, depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums. The dental exam typically includes x-rays to detect changes that may be occurring between the teeth and below the gum line, as well as a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar buildup on or between the teeth. During the exam, Dr. Hadian will check for signs of tooth decay (cavities) and periodontal disease, such as swelling and bleeding of the gums or broken, discolored, or sensitive teeth. If any dental problems are detected during the exam, visually or through examination, Dr. Hadian and his team will be able to proactively treat the issue before it turns into something serious. For example, only a highly trained dentist can look into the mouth and notice symptoms of certain problems and conditions, such as vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or oral cancer. Issues that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can also be detected.

Maintaining good oral hygiene can help keep teeth and gums strong and healthy while reducing the risk of certain diseases in the mouth. Twice a year dental examinations are beneficial in the prevention of teeth and gum problems, the maintenance of good oral hygiene habits, and in providing appropriate overall health recommendations.

To learn more about how to maintain excellent oral health, or to make an appointment, call Brookside Dental Care today, (610) 624-6070.

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