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Top Dentists Share Some Effective Ways on Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Let’s face it: a good smile is all you need to face the world and the future confidently. There’s just something about having shiny, pearly whites that tells everyone else you’re ready for anything. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is also essential for your overall health.

Brush your teeth

According to the National Institute on Aging of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a proper way to go about brushing your teeth. In fact, doing it properly means the difference between having healthy teeth or suffering from tooth decay.

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To brush your teeth, you must brush them on all sides using a toothbrush with a soft bristle. Do so in a small circular pattern while you brush your teeth back and forth. At the same time, make sure you also take the time to brush along your gum line. Lastly, do not forget to also clean your tongue with your toothbrush. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a fluoride toothpaste every time you brush your teeth.

Don’t forget to floss, too

Flossing your teeth helps remove food particles that may have become stuck in your teeth after eating. Ideally, you should floss after each meal. Should flossing cause your gums to bleed or your mouth to hurt, however, it is recommended that you see a dentist right away.

Eat healthily

Foods like candy and chocolate are never friendly to your teeth or figure so it’s best to keep consumption of these at a minimum. On the other hand, foods that you should eat regularly include leafy vegetables, apples or other fruit and milk.

Go for a regular dental cleaning

No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth, you should still make it a point to visit your Lehigh Valley dentist for a dental cleaning and checkup.

The frequency of your visit to Lehigh Valley dentists actually depends on your current oral health. On average, experts recommend that people should go for a dental check-up about twice a year so long as they don’t have any serious or painful issues such as cavities, gum disease or oral cancer. People with serious oral problems may be asked to visit the clinic more often.

With all these dentist-approved tips in mind, you’re bound to enjoy a healthy mouth for a long time.


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