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The foundation for a great smile is a commitment to general dental care. Your six-month visits maintain clean and healthy teeth and help prevent problems down the road by allowing us to spot them early. We can address your unique concerns and build a relationship that ensures proper dental care.

Click on the headings below to learn more about some of the specific ways we work with patients to maintain oral health.

The Value of Hygiene Visits

General Dentistry Allentown PAAn important reason to visit the dentist is to have your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist. Plaque and tartar build up on teeth over time. Plaque is soft and sticky, and daily brushing can usually remove most of it. However, any remaining plaque hardens into tartar, which is beyond the scope of a typical toothbrush or floss. Tartar accumulates below the gumline as well as on the surface of teeth. If plaque isn’t removed, you risk more serious issues with your teeth and gums in the future. Recent studies show a definite link between untreated gum disease and serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. So having teeth cleaned on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your health!

Root Canal Therapy Saves Hopeless Teeth

Teeth with damaged or infected roots used to require extraction, which can create a lot of problems and should be avoided when possible. The good news is that we are highly experienced in advanced root canal therapy.

A root canal is a technique to fix a tooth by removing the pulp chamber of a tooth and replacing it with a filling material. This is often needed when dental decay reaches the tooth nerve (or the tooth has become infected), and a basic filling will not be appropriate.

Not too long ago, the situation mentioned above would have required the tooth to be extracted. When dentists began performing root canals, they were a quite dreaded procedure, and the root canal has gotten a reputation as something to avoid. However, with modern anesthetics and technology, root canals can be manageable for patients.

Care for Our Oldest Patients

Senior Dental Care Allentown PAJust as our bodies change as we get older, our teeth and gums do too. Years of plaque buildup, as well as the consumption of coffee, tea, or tobacco, can darken teeth. Ask us about procedures that can combat these issues. Lower saliva flow is sometimes a side effect of medications. There are simple products that can remedy the condition. Your fillings are getting older and may weaken or crack. Regular check-ups allow us to maintain your existing fillings. Gum disease and root decay can be bigger problems in seniors. Daily cleaning and a proper diet are critical for healthy gums. If gums become red or bleed, or teeth start to feel loose, contact us immediately.

Oral Cancer – Reducing the Risks

Many people aren’t aware that oral cancer causes one American death every hour. For 40 years, this mortality rate has remained the same. But it’s not all bad news. Early detection can mean a 90% cure rate ! That’s the reason we conduct a visual screening for oral cancer at every six-month checkup and cleaning. If the hygienist or doctor notices a cause for concern, they’ll refer you to an oral surgeon. This screening could literally be a lifesaver.

Natural-Looking, Metal-Free Fillings

White Dental Fillings Allentown PAFor years, silver-mercury amalgams were the standard filling material used by dental practices, and many practices continue using it. While they are an acceptable restoration, amalgams have a couple of shortcomings. Metal does not attach well to teeth, so decay will likely leak into the tooth. But the biggest benefit for patients choosing white bonded fillings has to do with appearance. Many people just don’t want an ugly black plug in their teeth. We offer modern restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can strengthen your teeth. They also securely bond with the healthy part of the tooth so there is a much lower likelihood of future decay.

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