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Dental Crowns In Allentown

Classic restorations to strengthen and enhance your smile.

What A Dental Crown Does

A dental crown is a protective cover for a tooth that is too weak to hold up against the force of your bite. This common dental restoration basically replaces the outer layer of your tooth and protects what is left on the inside so that you can keep using your tooth. You may need to get a crown if your tooth has been cracked or chipped, damaged by a large cavity or abscess, or weakened after root canal treatment. Crowns also offer cosmetic value. Even if your tooth isn’t structurally compromised, a crown may be a good choice if you simply aren’t happy with the current color or shape of a particular tooth. Crowns are also used to anchor dental bridges and restore dental implants.

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Getting A Dental Crown: The Process

It normally takes two separate dental appointments to complete a new crown. This is the process we use here at Brookside:

Prepare Your Tooth

Your dentist will prepare the tooth that needs a crown by removing the damaged parts and carefully shaping it into a solid base.

Place Your Crown

The dentist will take a scan or mold of it and the surrounding teeth. This impression will be used to design your crown so that it fits perfectly on your tooth and feels natural when you bite down on it with the opposing teeth.

Great for minor repairs

We will invite you back for your second visit where we will take off the temporary crown and place your permanent crown on your tooth to check the fit. If it looks and feels good, then we will cement it in place. And that’s all! You’ll go home with a completely new tooth.

The Cost Of A Dental Crown In Allentown

Dental insurance coverage varies by company and benefit plan. At the time of your visit, a more accurate estimate can be given. If you don’t have insurance, then you might have to pay around $1,600 to $2,200. The exact cost varies from person-to-person, and even from tooth-to-tooth due to several factors. Some of the things that will affect the cost of your dental crown treatment include:

  • The type of crown you get
  • Which tooth needs a crown
  • The number of teeth that need crowns
  • Whether your tooth needs additional treatment before getting the crown (like a root canal, posts, or a buildup to create a strong foundation)
  • The use of other special supplies or equipment during your treatment

Does seeing the cost of a single dental crown put you off a bit? It’s normal to experience some sticker shock upon seeing the price. But it’s good to think about what could happen if you need a crown but let the price deter you from getting treatment. Your tooth’s condition will only get worse until you are forced to pay for a root canal or even to have your tooth extracted and replaced. A dental crown could help you hold onto your natural tooth for many more years and avoid the need for more expensive treatment.

While we can’t give you an exact estimate over the phone or here on our website, we can provide you with a quote if you come see us for a comprehensive dental examination. Your dentist will take a careful look at your teeth and let you know which unique factors will impact the cost of your care. We’ll provide you with a treatment cost estimate and help you work out the insurance and financing details.

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